Flash Fiction

The Phonograph

“So now, the crackling rain comes not from the tap-tap-tap of the windowpane, but from the phonograph, as the sound of the vinyl attaches itself to the moondust, riding on the light, through the window. Then, the piano keys twinkle themselves into Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing The Nearness of You. To us. TheContinue reading “The Phonograph”

A Gravity of Jazz

“I find myself a little jealous of his horn. Of the way his lips buzz the mouthpiece, the way his fingers tickle the buttons. Of its proximity to him when it was the closeness I couldn’t take. Not every day, anyway, or so I told him when I left. Read the full story here. publishedContinue reading “A Gravity of Jazz”

Short Fiction

Living Memories

“This old-school funk station had one job: to ease her into the right frame of mind for talking about civil rights. The Struggle, and all they went through. Instead, Grandmama leaves me staring at a mountain of unsnapped green beans as Grandpop leads her in a grown-folks’ two-step around the kitchen.“ Photo by Avi Werde on Unsplash

Not Staying for Dessert

“But my heart feels heavier from the effort than when I began. Because I am both too visible—too angry, loud, opinionated—and invisible—because the people who make the decisions choose not to see me or hear my words. But this heavy, beating heart thumping in my chest and coursing hot blood through my veins reminds meContinue reading “Not Staying for Dessert”

Politics of Distraction

“Nowhere even in the darkest recesses of my childhood mind could I have ever envisioned the Great War of 2020 or its aftermath. All started on election day, when my husband and I woke early to vote and found the National Guard occupying our neighborhood.” Read the full story here. Photo by Louis Velazquez onContinue reading “Politics of Distraction”

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