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  • Writing to Preserve My Family on the Page

    Writing to Preserve My Family on the Page

    “Family has blessed my life and trusted me to tell our stories for true. To render us on the page in recognizable ways. From the first word to the last.” artwork courtesy of Catapult; Jacket design courtesy of algonquin books Read the full essay here Published by Catapult Photography by Samia Minnicks

  • Tracks


    “Her eyes seek permission to settle next to me. To me. Yet in her eyes and slight, polite smile, there is no recognition of my face. Just the muted, demure acknowledgment of a similarly aged, similarly hued woman similarly traveling alone. Read the full story here. Published by CatapultOriginal art by Sirin Thada for Catapult

  • Practice Makes…

    Practice Makes…

    Working on Moonrise one last time. Loving my novel more than ever and thankful for the journey to get here. Though an artist of a different time, medium, and stratosphere, Michaelangelo approached each block of marble as an opportunity to release the art from the inside. He considered himself not a maestro, but an artisanContinue reading “Practice Makes…”

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